Open procedure for submission of offers number SD 003 04/2020 – Financial audit

09. jul, 2020

Sarajevo, 9th of July 2020
Protocol No: 792/2020

Open procedure for submission of offers number SD 003 04/2020

Procurement description and time schedule

Subject Financial audit of the project for the period September 2019 – August 2022
Contractor The Center for Civil Society Promotion (CCSP)
Project Think nature!
Call reference SD 003 04/2020
Delivery location Marka Marulića 2
Contact person Senajid Đozo
Date of sending the Request for submission of offers 9th of July 2020
Duration of the call for tenders 14 days
Deadline for submission of offers 29th of July 2020 untill 15.00



CCSP is implementing a three-year project “Think Nature!” that contributes to increasing the impact of civil society in environmental protection through networking of civil society organizations, institutions, professionals, media and youth for joint, synchronized and strong action at the local level. An additional significance of the project is the contribution to the implementation of the requirements of the European Union and international agreements in the field of environment, climate and energy that have been ratified by Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The project is based on five components: advocacy, eco hubs, eco schools, youth and eco journalism. The project is funded by the Swedish government in the amount of 3 million BAM.

You can find more about the project here.

Subject of procurement:

Engagement of project Think nature! audit services for 3 financial years, in the period September 2019 – August 2022.

The following is expected from the offeror:

  • Meeting for the agreement on technical terms of engagement in September 2020 (CCSP will inform the auditor 7 days before the meeting)
  • Perform the field part of the audit in the first two weeks of October for each financial year
  • Submit the first draft report in the third week of October for each financial year
  • Submit the final report no later than the end of October for each financial year (audit report should be bilingual: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, and English version)
  • Providing support during resolving possible findings
  • Giving recommendations for improving financial procedures and internal control systems

Terms of engagement:

A three-year contract will be concluded with the selected offeror, and payment will be made on the basis of the issued invoice in BAM for each year separately. The VAT must be included in the offer.

Communication with the contractor:

All information related to the provision of services, requests for clarification and other information, offerors can get only from the contact person, any other way of correspondence will not be consider valid by the contractor.

All correspondence between the contractor and the offeror should take place in writing, via e-mail.

Inquiries can be sent until 29th of July 2020 until 15:00 h.

Contact person: Senajid Đozo,

Answers to all questions received by the inquiry deadline will be posted on the Think nature! Website and the CCSP website, no later than 2 days before the deadline for the submission of offers.

Offer preparation:

Offers shall be submitted in printed form, in a sealed envelope. The envelope should contain two sealed envelopes:

  • On the first envelope state the name of the offeror “Technical offer SD 003 04/2020”
  • On the second envelope state the name of the offeror “Financial offer SD 003 04/2020”

Offerors are required to prepare offers in accordance with the conditions of procurement. Offers that do not comply with the conditions will be rejected as unacceptable.

The first envelope according to this Request for offers should contain:

  • Audit methodology
  • Timeline of audit (with a focus on the first year of the audit)
  • List of relevant audit engagements in the previous 4 years that should contain data:
    • project name and donor,
    • the value of the annual income of the audited organization,
    • average number of employees during the year and
    • average value of assets at the end of the year.
  • Audit company license and certificate.

The second envelope according to this request for offers should contain:

  • Offer with clearly expressed fee, respectively for each year with included VAT (financial offer form attached).

Offerors are required to prepare offers in accordance with the conditions of procurement. Offers that do not comply with the terms will be rejected as unacceptable.

Offerors shall bear all costs incurred during the preparation and submission of the offer. The contractor shall not bear any costs in the procurement procedure.

The offer must contain the date and signature of the offerors with contact information. If it contains more than one page, all pages of the offer must be numbered, so that the ordinal number of the page is visible.

Within the deadline for submission of offers, the offerors may amend, supplement or withdraw the offer. The offeror submits an amendment, supplement or withdrawal of the offer with an indication of one of the options: “amendment/supplement/withdrawal of the offer no. SD 003 04/2020“.

Offer validity period:

Offers must be valid for 3 months, counting from the closing day of the call for offers.

Deadline for making a decision on the selection of offerors:

The contractor shall make a decision on the selection of the most favorable offeror within 10 days from the deadline for submission of offers.

The contractor shall notify the selected offeror of the acceptance of the offer no later than 12 days from the day of closing the invitation. In the same period, all other offerors in the procurement procedure, whose offer was not accepted will be notified.


Criteria for selection of the best offer:

The contractor will decide on the most successful offer based on the following criteria:

  • Total price of the financial offer with possible discount
  • Relevant experience in audit of project implemented by civil society organizations
  • Audit timeline
  • List of relevant licenses

Submitting the offer:

Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, in person or by mail, to the address Center for Civil Society Promotion, Marka Marulića 2/III, 71 000 Sarajevo, with the indication:

Name of the offeror

Address and postal code


Competitive request for submission of offers no. SD 003 04/2020

“Do not open before July 29th, 2020”

The deadline for submission of offers is July 29, 2020 until 15:00.



  1. Annex 1 – Financial offer
  2. Annex 2 Terms of Reference for Annual Audit












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